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    Sep 5, 2023
    sti test
    Which STD test Do I need?

    Written by: Sarah McElroy, NP

    Did you know that the standard sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing completed in your typical office visit usually only includes 3 tests? While it is common to think they’re testing you for everything, in reality the standard testing is typically a basic panel including the most common STI’s: chlamydia, gonorrhea and sometimes trichomoniasis completed through urine or swab sample. This testing is a good place to start for most people, but there could be more needed.

    Product We Recommend: 3-Panel STD Test

    A blood sample can test for syphilis and HIV, and swabbing multiple sites (throat and anus) can detect pathogens too. A conversation with your provider about how you’re having sex (anal, oral, vaginal) and what your partner preference is can help us determine what STI testing is best for you.

    Product We Recommend: 3 Site: Chlamydia & Gonorrhea Testing Kit

    If you have anal sex with partners, you should test for gonorrhea and chlamydia through a urine sample for penetrative vaginal sex or an anorectal swap if you are having receptive anal sex. Due to the nature of anal sex and micro tears that occur during the act, which can increase the risk for some STIs, a blood test for syphilis and HIV is also recommended. If you have concerns for lesions or rashes on yourself or your partner’s genitalia, testing for herpes may also apply to you.

    If you give or receive oral sex you might want to consider testing your throat- yes, STI’s can live there too. Oral sex can expose both parties to herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, syphilis and even HIV. Testing the specific site where you engage in sexual activity can help ensure proper treatment for any infections identified.

    If you have unprotected penetrative sex (penis in vagina), the typical offering of just the ‘usual’ tests is incomplete but a good start. Testing for syphilis and HIV through blood testing is encouraged, especially if you are unaware of your partner’s last STI screening. Those with vaginas may also want to consider testing for human papillomavirus (HPV) to detect an infection that could possibly lead to cancer.

    Product We Recommend: 9-Panel STD Test

    Figuring out what type of testing is best for you can be confusing, but you don’t have to do it alone. TBD health offers a quiz to help you figure out what testing is right for you based on the sex you’re having. If you’re still not sure, book a consultation with a provider to help review what your risk factors are for each STI based on your habits in a judgment-free environment.

    Reviewed by Adrienne Ton, NP on Sep 3, 2023

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