STD testing
the way it should be
At-home, completely private and judgment free.

Why we exist

We’re creating a new cultural and physical context for sexual wellness, one that gives you the power to know yourself better. We’re starting with Kits that let you check your STI status on your own terms, in your own space. It’s a more accessible approach to care that puts you in control, giving you the clarity and support you need to get and stay well.
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The 5 Panel
The 5 Panel
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Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis, HIV and Syphilis

Protect yourself, your partners and your future.

How it works

  • Order online

  • Get your Kit in the mail,
    collect your samples, then ship them
    to our CLIA & CAP approved lab (the gold standard)

  • Receive securely-delivered
    results less than a week

  • Collab with our support team - whatever the result - to make a plan for your future wellness, then proceed in power. Repeat whenever desired.

Medical support on your terms

Your lab results are personally reviewed by our on-staff physicians and nurse practitioners who can hop on a video call to answer any questions, so you know exactly where you stand and how to proceed.

We only work with medical staff who are open, helpful, and experienced in compassionate care, so you have a safe space to ask questions and plan your next move.

And there's no insurance to fuss with, no billing surprises to dodge, and no confusion about your next steps. Just clarity, as far as the eye can see.

They came, they checked, they got clarity

Be part of the tbd community to help spread the word, the support, and the love (with protection, of course).

"The screening kit from tbd health was so simple and easy to use, and way more comfortable than having to go in to the doctor. I got my results in just a few days and everyone I interacted with was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I wish this service had existed years ago - I'd have gotten tested way sooner and more frequently!”


“tbd health’s STI/STD screening process is not only easy to use, it also allows me to take control of my own sexual health and reflect on what sexual self-care means to me. The tbd health team is great at communicating and ensuring that you are comfortable throughout the whole process – a huge shoutout to them for pointing me towards helpful resources after consultation!”


"TBD health makes sexual health quick and simple. No need to make appointments and take off work, or being poked and prodded. Instead 20 minutes at home on your own time, drop it off in the mail and you’re good to go. Definitely will be using TBD again in the future!"


“TBD is such an easy way to get tested quickly and efficiently. Took me 10 minutes from start to finish, in the comfort of my own home. You will wonder why you would ever go back to the old process.”


Sexy human, know thyself.