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    4 minutes read
    Aug 15, 2023
    The Mind-Blowing Benefits of Orgasms

    By: Taylor Maness

    Orgasms feel good…like REALLY good! But these a-hem good vibes are just the tip of the pleasure iceberg when it comes to the benefits of orgasms.

    The physiological processes that occur during orgasms can have major physical and emotional benefits. Because when we orgasm, our whole body gets involved. Hormones are released, muscles are engaged, and our blood gets pumping. So it’s like you’re training for a marathon, but in the bedroom!

    So get out your vibrator and lube because we’re talking about the MANY benefits you can expect from orgasms.

    They Improve Your Mood

    Have you ever felt blissful or even giddy after having an orgasm? Almost like you’re on top of the world? c’mon I can’t be the only one Well there’s a scientific reason for this euphoric post-climax feeling.

    When we orgasm, tons of ‘happy hormones’ are released into the body. This includes oxytocin (aka the love hormone), dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. These hormones can last hours after your big ‘O’ leaving you feeling like you’re walking on air all day long!

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    They Help You Catch Some ZZZs

    Along with making you feel VERY happy, orgasms can also help you sleep like a baby. This is because all of the above ‘happy hormones’ also aid in helping both the body and mind relax, making it easier for you to ease into sleep.

    So this is your sign to add mastubation to your nighttime routine!

    They Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

    When you orgasm, your pelvic floor muscles rhythmically contract (but like in a hot way). And actively engaging these muscles can help strengthen them just like you can with kegels! This can help you have stronger orgasms, prevent incontinence later in life, and help improve post-birth recovery.

    So orgasms are basically mini workouts…I guess that makes me an athlete?

    Reference: Masturbation: Pleasure In Your Own Hands _**

    They Can Boost Immunity

    A study has shown that orgasms can increase the number of lymphocytes (aka white blood cells) in the body. The more you knowwwww These white blood cells help to fight off infections in the body and maintain overall health.

    The cortisol-reducing and relaxation-promoting benefits also help keep your immunity in tip-top shape!

    They Calm Pain

    Remember when I said orgasms can release endorphins?? Well not only do these hormones make you feel happy, but they also act as natural painkillers in the body!

    So next time you’re having menstrual cramps, a headache, or just general fatigue you know what to do!

    Reviewed by Adrienne Ton, Nurse Practitioner on Aug 14, 2023

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