Some resources to help you UnLearn incomplete middle-school Sex Ed

STI Screening During A Pandemic

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What having an STI really means

Having an STI tells me that you’re engaging in some kind of sexual activity.  It tells me nothing else about you. No, seriously. 

What COVID-19 has taught us about intimacy and prevention

It’s January 2021, a year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’re still in its grasp.  While our rational minds tell us that the best w...

How to Make Virtual Doctor’s Visits Less Awkward

With COVID-19, many healthcare systems and patients have dramatically shifted toward more telemedicine visits. Although the shift has come with hic...

Meet Sarah, tbd clinician

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Meet Adrienne, tbd clinician

Adrienne is a clinician on the tbd care team. She has extensive experience working with many different kinds of patient populations, and one of the...