Some resources to help you UnLearn incomplete middle-school Sex Ed

6 Things Your Friend Groups Should Do To Keep Each Other Safe

By Kate Warrington National Friendship Day - August 7 - is the perfect time to celebrate the people we love most. For many of us, friendship is on...

Tell Me About…Abortion

Abortion. Pregnancy Termination. There may be different terminology, but you’ve probably heard about it, maybe had a loved one go through it, and/o...

Interview with Lauren Haines, Nurse and Abortion Rights Advocate

Lauren Haines is one of TBD’s nurse practitioners based on the East Coast. When she’s not working with TBD, she volunteers as an advocate/escort an...

Tell Me About...At-Home HIV Testing

By Lauren Haines, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC June 27th is the national #HIVTestingDay and in the spirit of that, Lauren Haines is sharing a little more abou...

The Truth About Monkeypox

Lori Grant, one of our clinicians, dispels some myths and shares some key information to know about Monkeypox.  Is Monkeypox sexually transmitted? While Monkeypox can be spread by sexual contact, it is not a classical sexually transmitted disease. Sex does require close contact (for many people) and therefore it is the close contact that is the issue.

Tell Me About...What's the Difference Between STIs and STDs?

By Adrienne Ton, NP When we use the term “STI” or “sexually transmitted infection” with patients, we’re often asked what the difference is between ...

Tell Me About…STI protection and oral sex

By Adrienne Ton, NP If you’ve been paying attention to the health news, you might have heard about the latest FDA-approved latex underwear to help ...

Tell me about… why certain STIs make me more susceptible to HI

Here are the facts: Having any STI increases your chances of contracting HIV because having sex means you’re more at risk for sexually-transmitted infections. 

Can you have an STI without having symptoms? 

TL; DR: Yes, you can absolutely have an STI/STD without symptoms. That’s why regular screening and safe sex measures like condoms are important to maintain your sexual and reproductive health.

Tell me about… HPV

TLDR: HPV is a very common infection that typically clears on its own. It can lead to cancer and/or genital warts. The only/best test we have for this is the cervical cancer screening test. We have really great vaccines that can help protect you against HPV and prevent your risk of developing an HPV-related cancer. 

Meet Lori, TBD Health clinician

Lori Grant is a nurse, midwife, women’s health NP, mother, and cosmetologist among many other roles - learn a little more about our Arizona-based clinician here. 

5 Things to Know During STD Awareness Week

By Adrienne Ton, Nurse Practitioner Happy National STD Awareness Week!  It may seem odd to have the words “STD” and “happy” in the same sentence (w...

Tell Me About…Bacterial Vaginosis

By Adrienne Ton, NP Chances are, you’re reading this because you started noticing something a little “off” in your underwear and wanted to know wha...

Meet the Clinician: Lauren Haines, Family Nurse Practitioner

Lauren Haines is a TBD Clinician, who shares a little with us today about her life on the East Coast, her hobbies, and her passion for women’s health

Tell Me About...Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

By Adrienne Ton, NP When people are taught about sexual health in schools (if they do discuss this at all), they often talk about “the clap” (gonor...

Check Yourself Out: How to Do an At Home Breast Exam

by Sarah McElroy, NP There’s been a lot of talk about self-love and self-pleasure, which are both important parts of our sexual well-being; but why...

Should Sex Hurt? 

TL: DR.  No, sex should not hurt (unless that’s what both parties have fully consented to do). While sex might be uncomfortable at times, messy at...

Unlearn: Vaginal Discharge

If you have a vagina, you’ve had vaginal discharge.  This is normal.  Don’t let the internet fool you - vaginas are not dry when you’re not on your period. 

Read more to find out when you should get checked out

My Partner Cheated...What do I do?

People seek out sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing for different reasons. Sometimes it’s a symptom like that odd discharge. Sometimes it’...

TBD in the News: TBD Care Hub Launches in Las Vegas

In December 2020, TBD opened its first brick-and-mortar location in Las Vegas, NV. Designed as a sex-positive, judgment-free space, this Care Hub i...

STI 411: Syphilis

Our STI 411 series is designed to tell you more in-depth of some of the most common sexually transmitted infections and why they matter.  TLDR: Syp...

TBD in the News: Lauren Haines quoted in Texas Abortion Bill 

"The implementation of SB8 will undoubtedly increase the maternal mortality rate for Texas, which is already one of the most deadly states in the U.S. for pregnant women"

Lauren Haines, TBD Clinician

STI Screening During A Pandemic

[This blog post was originally published on PornHub's Sexual Wellness Center. Check it out here:

What having an STI really means

Having an STI tells me that you’re engaging in some kind of sexual activity.  It tells me nothing else about you. No, seriously. 

What COVID-19 has taught us about intimacy and prevention

It’s January 2021, a year since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’re still in its grasp.  While our rational minds tell us that the best w...

How to Make Virtual Doctor’s Visits Less Awkward

With COVID-19, many healthcare systems and patients have dramatically shifted toward more telemedicine visits. Although the shift has come with hic...

Meet Sarah, tbd clinician

Sarah is a clinician on the tbd care team. She has over 10 years of experience working as a nurse and nurse practitioner at some of the biggest hos...

Meet Adrienne, tbd clinician

Adrienne is a clinician on the tbd care team. She has extensive experience working with many different kinds of patient populations, and one of the...