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This STD Kit tests for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis, HIV and Syphilis -- and is the typical "full panel" that you'd find at your doctor’s office. This test is performed via a vaginal swab plus a finger prick. This product is for vagina-havers only (we are working on kits for penis-havers too!).

This product is available only in the following states: Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Washington.

Quick Results Guaranteed

Your STD test results will be available in less than a week after you’ve shipped back your samples. If not—your STD test is on us.

We’re Not Just a Test Result

Every STD lab-tested result is reviewed by a certified TBD clinical care expert in your state for extra peace of mind. If your results are positive or if you just have any questions, our clinicians will walk you through next steps via a telemedicine consult and prescribe medication for both you, and your partner(s). Afterwards, feel free to message our team as much as you want with any additional questions or concerns relating to your STD results.

Price Breakdown


Our lab is CLIA-certified and CAP accredited; aka the best of the best. We use the leading direct-to-consumer testing labs that physicians, hospitals and universities use—CLIA and CAP-approved. The sensitivity and specificity of each lab test (aka the reliability of the results) can be found here.


Regardless of the results, you can talk to our clinical team. If appropriate, we will prescribe you and your partner(s) medication. You’ll have unlimited messaging to our clinical team related to this test.


  • 1 vaginal swab (this kit is for vagina-owners only-- we are working on kits for penis-havers!)
  • 1 blood card & lancet for finger-pricking (plus gauze)
  • 1 alcohol prep pad & 1 bandage for pre-and post-prick
  • Biohazard bags & easy prepaid shipping label
  • Condom for… you know


    Kits are shipped in discreet packaging, always.

    How to use:

    • Order your Kit. All of our at-home STD tests arrive in discreet packaging.
    • Swab.Simply insert the swab and swirl, ensuring to sweep the sides, for 30 seconds. 
    • Spots. Do a quick prick and drop a few drops of blood onto a lab-verified card.
    • Ship. Send us your samples with the provided pre-paid shipping label. 

      Receive reliable results & get support.

      Clinician-reviewed STD results will be ready to review in our online portal in less than a week. If you are positive, or if you just have questions, our clinical team will do a telemedicine consult and provide you with everything you need (including prescriptions).

      Iron-clad Security Included

      We use military-grade encryption to store your data and deploy a state-of-the-art firewall to monitor and look for any malicious attempts to gain access to your data. Read our Privacy Policy for more info.

      Sexy human, know thyself.