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    Feel good by contributing – help others to gain clarity on their sexual health. Note: TBD Health Inc. is not a non-profit.

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    By Taneia Surles MPH
    10 minutes read
    Nov 21, 2022
    Pleasure & Relationships
    10 Black-Owned Sex Toy Companies to Spice Up the Bedroom

    By Taneia Surles, MPH

    You’ve probably searched through several adult websites to find your ideal toy, but haven’t found the one yet. Of course, most sex-positive people are familiar with big-name sex toy companies, like Adam & Eve, We-Vibe, Good Vibrations, or even Amazon, if you’re up for searching through hundreds of pages for your ideal sex toy, but are unsure of which products will give them the big “O.” Unfortunately, however, many adult toys can contain toxic chemicals, like polyvinyl chloride (PVC), parabens, and fragrances, that can kill the mood.

    If you’re searching for companies that provide fun and toxin-free adult toys, a plethora of lesser-known black-owned adult sexual wellness companies are helping people lead happy and healthy sex lives with their products. Supporting black-owned businesses, especially those in the adult industry, help promote safe sex and encourages people to be more open about their sexuality in the black community.

    Here are ten black-owned adult toy companies for those looking to support black-owned businesses.

    b condoms

    This vegan-friendly business sells odorless, spermicide-free, and triple-tested condoms. The company’s founder traveled across the globe to ensure b condoms deliver all-natural products that are comfortable, reliable, and perform well. Each b condom is free of animal products, parabens, casein, gluten, and glycerin. The Classic Lubricated Condoms are the company’s best-selling product.

    Bedroom Kandi

    After you “party on down to the Xscape beat,” you might need Bedroom Kandi to bring the party to the bedroom. Founded by R&B singer, songwriter, and reality TV star Kandi Buruss, alongside Brian and Suki Dunham, Bedroom Kandi aims to help people feel empowered sexually and drumroll, also financially. Aside from Bedroom Kandi’s hundreds of sex toys, customers can purchase bath and cosmetic products. In addition, the company has a consultant company, where people can become Bedroom Kandi Consultants (BKBC). These consultants help educate people about sexual health and wellness while promoting the brand’s products.

    Organic Loven

    Organic Loven is currently the only adult company with a subscription box that includes eco-friendly products, body-safe sex toys, and books. The company offers additional products made from non-porous ingredients like medical grade silicone, ABS plastic, stainless steel, glass, and sustainable polished wood. In addition, Organic Loven, a company that aims to go beyond just selling adult toys, has seminars on body positivity and sensuality. After you’ve purchased some toys, schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Taylor Sparks, an erotic educator and sex goddess, to learn how to make the most out of them, and get any questions or concerns you might have answered in a private call.

    Kinky Choices

    Are you wanting to make the next girls’ night an unforgettable experience? The Kinky Choices offers adult-themed parties called the Kinky Choices Sex-Ed-Venture, where one of the company’s “Pleasure Consultants” helps a customer plan a fun night. A party may include sexual education, such as ways to pleasure your partner, sexual liberation, and women’s empowerment. In addition, the company provides customers with an extensive catalog of adult toys, ranging from sex dolls to anal plugs.


    LumberjllLovecrafts is an Etsy-based shop providing hand-crafted wooden adult toys. Consumers can purchase items like a handmade wooden plug or a phallic art piece. Or, they can choose to have a custom-made toy crafted by the shop’s owner, D Towns. As a disclaimer, these products may only be for display, so please take caution when using them for sexual pleasure.


    enby. is a black and trans-owned adult company providing a comfortable shopping experience for the Queer community, specifically the gender non-conforming, trans, and nin-binary people. Customers can shop for lube, menstrual products, condoms, massage oils, candles, BDSM teddy bears, and more. The company aims to be more than just a sex shop, offering books, home decor, and gender-affirming products. enby. donates a portion of its profits to various organizations supporting queer and trans people of color.

    Sex on the Table

    This company’s brand is dedicated to millennials, who believe this generation is the trailblazers in encouraging others to lead healthy relationships. Sex on the Table aims to provide its customers with a “healthy blueprint for sex, love, and relationships through advocacy and education.” Additionally, customers can search for a wide range of products, like wands, clitoral vibrators, and penis strokers. Aside from their products, Sex on the Table has a biweekly self-titled podcast covering sexual and wellness topics.


    Ardentley is a sexual wellness company focused on expanding on sexual health and wellness topics, such as identity, health, consent, and sexuality. In addition, Ardentley wants consumers to feel “ardent” about everything, which involves feeling passionate, confident, and comfortable in their skin. We can become more ardent inside and outside the bedroom by improving our self-confidence and sexual health knowledge. The company provides body-safe adult toys that are free of harmful toxins. Customers can purchase dildos, cock rings, vibrators, and other products. This store is currently closed for maintenance but makes plans to re-open soon.

    New York Toy Collective

    The New York Toy Collective (NYTC) creates high-quality adult toys and products for all forms of gender affirmations. It is the first and only company using 3D technology to help consumers design products that imitate their intimate areas. NYTC is “consistently embracing new ideas to enhance consumers’ personal lives in a way which is affordable, body-safe, and durable, with a functionality which allows for both a continued physical and emotional connection for the end user.” The company’s products, including dildos, lube, pumps, and wands, have been promoted in mainstream media outlets like The New York Times, TIME, and Cosmopolitan. In addition, NYTC has won the “LGBT Pleasure Products Company of the Year” award in 2020, the “Progressive Pleasure Products Company of the Year” in 2021, and the “LGBT Pleasure Products Company of the Year” once again in 2022 from the XBIZ Awards.


    Founded by Florida A&M University graduate Nenna Joiner, Feelmore is an Oakland, California-based sexual wellness company. With the tagline, “It’s More Than Just Sex,” the company provides education, empowerment, and equality to uplift its customer base. Feelmore sells vaginal and anal toys, condoms, books, oils, merch, and other products.

    Photo by IFONNX Toys on Unsplash

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