Do I need to get screened?

If you’re sexually active, you should be screened regularly to ensure that dormant infections don’t go unnoticed. Since over 60% of infections are asymptomatic for women and vagina owners, you can’t rely on how you feel. Screenings help you protect your reproductive health and future fertility. They also help you protect others (your sexual partners and theirs), too. tbd health recommends following the CDC’s guidelines for STI screening, which recommends testing every 3-12 months based on your particular needs. If you’re unsure about what makes sense for you, one of our clinicians can help customize your screening intervals.

Will you prescribe medication if I need it?

If you screen positive for an STI, we’re here to help you get treatment and support. Our Care Team provides prescription treatment for chlamydia and trichomoniasis and offers guidance and support to get you connected to treatment for other positive results as well.

Do I need to identify as a woman to use the kit?

Nope! You do need to own a vagina in order to use our kit, but your gender identity and expression are, as always, entirely up to you. Our testing is done via vaginal swab because it’s the most effective, accurate way to check yourself out at home, but we’re hard at work on more kits that will serve more folx out there (after all, everyone deserves some clarity!).

Can I use the tbd kit if I don't have a vagina?

What’s in your pants is between you and your partners, but as a sexual health service, it also impacts how we can help you. Our current kits are designed for vagina-owners (whether that’s one you were born with or one you weren’t). Vaginal swabs are the most accurate method of testing, which made it the perfect place for us to start changing the way that people—particularly women—experience healthcare. We believe that everyone deserves clarity on their sexual wellness, and we know that genitalia doesn’t equal gender, which is why we’re already hard at work developing kits that rely on other forms of testing. So don’t worry: everyone will be checking themselves out in no time. If you like, we can add you to our email list for when this kit is launched-- just email hello@tbd.health and we make sure you are notified as soon as it's here.

What is Schedule & Save?

Schedule & Save is a subscription that helps you outsource the worry and the planning and save money. tbd has you covered so you never have to wonder about your status. tbd offers 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions to suit your needs. We will send you a 5 Panel Kit at the right cadence for you-- whether you are dating actively, sleeping with multiple partners, or just want to stay up to date with a check up. We'll check in with you periodically and send you updates when your kit is on the way. We won't charge you until your kit has been shipped and you can cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked. We are pleased to offer tbd subscriptions at a discount. Please note that if you cancel your subscription before your second kit, you will be charged full price for the first.

How do I get a consultation?

A free consultation is offered with every tbd screening that comes back positive. If you'd like to request a consultation for other reasons, please email hello@tbd.health and we can get you set up!

What is a window period?

Every STI has an “stealth phase” after transmission, when the infection is present in the body but at such a low level it can’t be picked up by tests. These are called ‘window periods’, and they’re different for every STI. A window period is the length of time after sexual contact that it generally takes for an infection to show up in your system. If you get tested within the window period, the infection might not have enough time to reach detectable levels. Because of window periods, and because many STIs are often asymptomatic for women, it's best to make sure you're getting screened routinely. The window periods for the following STIs are as follows: Chlamydia - up to 2 weeks; Gonorrhea -up to 1 week; Trichomoniasis - up to 4 weeks; HIV - up to 3 months; Syphilis - up to 3 months.

What happens if I screen positive?

If you screen positive you’ll be offered a telehealth appointment with one of our clinicians. During your consultation we’ll talk through your positive result(s), what that means for you and how to proceed with treatment. In some cases, we might refer you to one of our partner clinics in your area. Note that for some STIs, tbd health is required by law to report a positive result to the applicable Department of Health.

Do you do oral or anal screening?

We're working on it! Currently we offer genital (vaginal) and blood-based screening only.

Can I use the Kit if I’m on the pill?

Yes, you can use our kit if you’re on oral contraceptive pills.

Can I use the Kit if I’m using an IUD?

Yes, you can use our kit if you have an intrauterine device (IUD) in place.

Can I use the Kit if I’m pregnant?

Yes, tbd kits can be used if you’re pregnant. Treatment and follow up might vary but screening is still recommended during pregnancy.

Can I use the Kit if I’m on antibiotics?

Yes, you can use our kits if you’re on antibiotics. Please make sure to include any medication you are on when you are registering a kit. Our Care team will need to know what antibiotics you’re taking so please be sure to have the name and dose of the medication ready if you have a telehealth consult with a provider.

Can I use the Kit if I’m on my period?

We recommend you use our kits at least 2 days after your period is completed.

If my screen comes back positive, do I have to tell anyone?

The important thing to remember is that over 20 million new STI infections occur every year. A positive result is very common and is not the end of your sex life-- it's just information that you can use to get healthy! tbd is here to make it easier to understand your status and can provide tips and support in discussing your results with your sexual partners. We encourage you to share your positive screenings with your recent sexual partners so they’re also able to seek screening and treatment if needed. tbd can also help notify your partners, if you prefer.
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