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It's a simple proposition. Things happen in your body. You don't always know what things exactly. Usually it's better if you do know. Especially when sex is involved.

Breaking myths, molds, and boundaries since 2020

There are 4 big myths that keep you in the dark and keep STIs scary, shameful, and widespread. We’re recasting that looming cultural cloud in the cold light of reality.


The myth is that only a few people get STIs and they’re definitely not anything like you.

The fact is that a million people on this planet contract a new STI every day. They come from every background imaginable, and many don’t even know they’re carrying an STI. That could describe anyone — yep, even you.


The myth is that it will always be very obvious if you get an STI—you’ll have itchy, red, inflamed unpleasantness that no one could ignore.

The fact is many STIs go undetected for years precisely because they cause no symptoms in some people. Untreated STIs can lead to serious health crises for anyone; fertility can also be permanently affected.


The myth is that a culture of silence will somehow erase the existence of STIs. Not tests, treatment, or awareness….just regular, old-fashioned suppression of the whole topic.

The fact is that speaking these truths out loud changes the dynamic, so STIs go from being a source of shame to a shared fact in our reality. And creating a place where these things can be identified, discussed, and de-mystified only helps us all stay well—and that’s what TBD is all about.


The myth is that getting tested has to involve crowded clinics, long wait times, insurance nightmares, scheduling fiascos, confusing results, and judgey strangers poking around with cold hands. It’s a terrible experience, and no one can change that.

The fact is that STI testing can easily be done at home anytime, with lab results that are just as accurate and a lot easier to understand. It’s a user-friendly experience, one we want to continually change for the better.

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We are a team of women, humans, and allies who know what it’s like to put off a gyno appointment in fear of the unknown. To wonder if future fertility has been compromised by the hazy past. And to really not want to list every sexual event of the past 17 months to a stranger with a clipboard, we started tbd health to give you the clarity we all need to live, thrive, and have good sex (and not necessarily in that order). As we grow, we hope to change more of the default options in sexual healthcare, and offer more people more kinds of support, results, and always, always, clarity.


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